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Arnold Schwarzenegger is a legend in more ways than one. Which is one of the reasons why we thought releasing a collection of Arnold Schwarzenegger bodybuilding posters would be a brilliant idea to celebrate his legendary status. His life story reads like something off the pages of a New York Bestseller. He has lived an extraordinary life and he continues to grace the big screen even today. Although his bodybuilding days are well and truly over, he still has legions of fans. Fans who love him for his acting ability as much as the inspirational figure he is to existing and upcoming musclemen and indeed women.

Arnold Schwarzenegger The Younger Years

Arnold Schwarzenegger younger yearsComing from a strict family according to his autobiography, Arnold’s father had plans for his future, perhaps in law enforcement as he was. Arnold Schwarzenegger was a rebel and decided to forge his own path. Starting training at such a young age must have taken a lot of mental strength for him and perhaps you are looking for inspiration to achieve your own bodybuilding dreams.

Arnold Schwarzenegger Bodybuilding Posters: Our Inspiration

Our collection of Arnold Schwarzenegger bodybuilding posters come from the secret archives of one of Australia’s greatest bodybuilding photographers of the 1970s. As a bodybuilder and photographer himself, Robert Nailon was able to get access to Arnold when other photographers just couldn’t get to him. Because of this unprecedented access, Robert was able to capture some exclusive images of Arnold.

It took very little time for Robert and Arnold to become good friends, they enjoyed each others company and had many laughs along the way. You will see for yourself the posters in the Arnold Collection cannot be seen anywhere else. This is because they belong to Robert Nailons’ private collection. They have been made available in limited quantities because he signed the rights for the images to his son Scott Nailon who is the personality behind the Arnold Collection. The idea to turn this private collection of photographs into the Arnold Schwarzenegger bodybuilding posters is the simple realisation that Arnold still remains an inspirational figure in the bodybuilding world. He has an incredible bodybuilding record with The Mr Olympia Competitions together with other greats such as Lee Haney of the 1970s. But what sets Arnold apart from every other Mr Olympia is his longevity in not just bodybuilding but as a Hollywood star as well as a politician.


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So What Makes The Arnold Schwarzenegger Bodybuilding Poster Special?

Robert Nailon took great care of his priceless collection of Arnold Schwarzenegger bodybuilding pictures. The negatives have been digitally enhanced to allow the images to be blown up into different poster sizes. The digital enhancement process is not the same as digital manipulation, no additions or changes have been made to the high-quality photographs captured all those years ago. What you will benefit from the enhancement process is: 

  • A superior quality Arnold Schwarzenegger bodybuilding poster that will look realistic on the walls of your bedroom or gym.

  • The negatives have been digitally scanned and optimised for printing.

  • The best possible paper has been used in the printing to ensure that the exact image is reproduced without losing clarity during the printing process.

  • Great paper does not produce a great print, but a combination of the best IMAGE, high-quality PAPER the best INK produce the AMAZING Arnold Schwarzenegger bodybuilding available from the Arnold Collection.

  • Authentic and licensed photographs have been used to create the Arnold Schwarzenegger posters for sale. Unlike other posters on the market which are reproductions of reproductions, these posters are created from original images.

  • When you purchase these posters, you are purchasing a work of art and a piece of bodybuilding history.

  • Some posters will be limited edition because of the exclusive nature of the images. You will never find the posters we have available for sale anywhere else

Why Buy From The Arnold Collection - Arnold Schwarzenegger Poster?

The most important reason why you should buy your Arnold Schwarzenegger bodybuilding poster from us today is the fact you can’t get the images in our posters anywhere else. Not convinced yet? Don’t take our word for it. Check out our amazing collection of posters and choose your favourite. Here are a few more reasons if you’re still sceptical:

  • Arnold Schwarzenegger and Robert NailonUnlike most of the low quality 'pirate prints' which come out of other countries, we own the copyright and take great pride in what we do. It's not just about money.
  • Our Paper is the highest quality 200 GSM.
  • We use only the most expensive high-quality inks.
  • We offer worldwide shipping. Wherever you may be in the world, order your poster today and we will get it to you.
  • We accept PayPal payments in USD and your transaction is secure
  • For exclusive posters, we offer great prices too.

Grab a copy of your Arnold Schwarzenegger bodybuilding poster today and take advantage of our worldwide shipping.